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Audio Pro RX100 Wireless Receiver

£99.00 inc. VAT 20.00% (£16.50)

All of us dream about an easier life. When we created the Audio Pro Wireless solution, our goal was to eliminate loudspeaker cables and keep high quality hi-fi sound, so you could enjoy great sounding music anywhere in the home without the clutter. WF100 brings the dream alive in the shape of a small dongle. The WF100 dongle set is the easiest way to establish a robust and fast wireless network with CD quality streaming.
And it works both on a Mac and a PC without complicated installation or software download. The flexibility of this dream system allows you to add as many receivers as you like in your home (within range of transmitter) in order to create a multiroom sound experience that's easy and cable-free. What's more, built into this miraculous design is a way to let you connect any device with sound input/output to our wireless audio streaming network. This is all achieved without delays and interference but with lots of fun and satisfaction.


  • Audio Wireless Receiver
  • Burr Brown DA converter, Sonix Soundprocessor
  • Wireless range open field upto 100 meters,Delay not audible
  • Works with both Mac and PC,USB interface, No software needed
  • sample rate 48KHz, RF Band 2.4GHz,3.5mm line in

Price £99.00
inc. VAT 20.00% (£16.50)
Audio Pro RX100 Wireless Receiver

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