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Fatman Mi-Tube 2 Bluetooth Valve Stereo Amplifier (Black)

£199.00 inc. VAT 20.00% (£33.17)

Don't be fooled by the cute styling; the Fatman Mi-Tube 2 is a valve amp that's capable of some serious sound! Vacuum Tube Amplifier, With Bluetooth, Valve processing gives warm, rich, audio characteristics, 2 x Line Inputs, Max Output Power: 28w x 2.


With a rich heritage in valve amplification, the Fatman Mi-Tube 2 sounds like no ordinary amplifier. Using a radical new design, the Mi-Tube 2 has the smooth, harmonically rich sound you'd expect from a valve amplifier. Unlike some other budget valve amps, however, this is no softy. A powerful 28 watts per channel gives the Mi-Tube a taut, confident bass response that's especially impressive given its small size.


With two RCA phono inputs you can easily link up, for example, your computer and another audio source. As a further bonus, the Mi-Tube 2 also comes with a Bluetooth receiver. Simply pair the device and stream your stored or streaming music via Bluetooth. Ideal for use with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac, the Bluetooth receiver opens up a whole new world of music. For the best sound quality possible, the Mi-Tube 2 is compatible with apt-X Bluetooth technology. When used with compatible devices, this gives the best sound quality yet from Bluetooth; letting it get closer than ever to a wired connection.


With a diameter of just 183mm and neatly rounded styling, the Mi-Tube 2 takes up very little desk space. Both volume and source selectors fall easily to hand at the front of the amp, too. To protect the valves and stray fingers, the valves are protected by a clear casing - allowing the beauty of valves to still shine through! Finally, an illuminated Magic Eye shows the music playback level status at a glance.

Combining both old and new technologies to great effect, the Fatman Mi-Tube 2 offers the best of both worlds.
Price £199.00
inc. VAT 20.00% (£33.17)
Fatman Mi-Tube 2 Bluetooth Valve Stereo Amplifier (Black)

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