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Henge Docks Gravitas Lightning Dock/Stand - Silver

£99.95 inc. VAT 20.00% (£16.66)

Compatible with iPhone 5/5S/5C/iPad Air/iPad Mini. The mass of the Gravitas has been optimized for single-handed docking and undocking by using the weight of the dock to overcome the force required to remove the device. Despite the impressive weight, the dock has a remarkably small footprint that is only about 3.5-inches (89 mm) in diameter and 2.5-inches (64 mm) tall, maximizing desk space. Henge Docks accomplished this sleek design by constructing the chassis from a metal alloy that is 265% denser than aluminum.
  • Seven degree viewing angle for optimal Facetime chats
  • Utilizing simple, interchangeable inserts
  • USB pass through and an audio port capable of supporting stereo audio output
  • All-metal construction and a mass of nearly one kilogram
  • Remarkable stability to docked devices allows for single-handed undocking

The Gravitas Lightning's all-metal construction and mass of nearly one kilogram grants remarkable stability to docked devices and allows for single-handed undocking. The Lightning Gravitas model features a USB port for charging and sync capabilities. No Computer? No Problem. Gravitas can be used with any Apple iPhone or iPad charger. A stereo audio line out enables the Gravitas to be used with an external speaker system.

The Gravitasí remarkably small footprint and exceptional mass are achieved through a metal alloy that is 265% more dense than aluminium. Utilizing simple, interchangeable inserts, the Gravitas accommodates all 30-pin equipped iPhone and iPad models. An included case compatible insert means no more removing your case to dock your iPhone or iPad.

Features & Dimensions:

Metal Chassis

Audio line out

USB Data & Power

Weight: 1.17kg

Length: 78mm

Width: 85mm

Height: 64mm

Price £99.95
inc. VAT 20.00% (£16.66)
Henge Docks Gravitas Lightning Dock/Stand - Silver

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