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Samsung SAGE76V-BBH Grill Microwave

£89.99 inc. VAT 20.00% (£15.00)

Not only does Samsung's 20-litre grill microwave offer both grilling and microwave cooking, but it's also designed for less maintenance. Thanks to its Ceramic Enamel interior, it's easier to clean and up to 7 times more resistant to scratches and rust.
With its Rapid Defrost mode, you can also defrost frozen foods quickly and easily without them becoming soggy. You can enjoy less hassle and better cooking.

One Touch Perfection
Entering the weight, serving sizes and power levels defeats the purpose of using a convenient appliance, doesnít it? With Samsungís simple One Touch Sensor youíll enjoy all your favourite foods from light snacks to full meals without lifting more than a single finger. The One Touch Sensor knows what to do the moment you press the button. A single touch and your work is done.

Steamed to perfection - the healthy option
You donít get a second chance at cooking your food. Thatís why we created the innovatively convenient Power Steam Bowl to do the job. Itís designed to let steam circulate around the food, locking in moisture and nutritional value, so it comes out satisfyingly succulent every time. Despite its generous family-friendly size, itís easy to disassemble so cleaning is a pleasure, not a chore.

Durable, hygienic and easily cleaned
ē Use it as a grill or a microwave oven to cook your food
ē Defrost frozen food quickly and safely with Rapid Defrost
ē Clean it easily thanks to smooth Ceramic Enamel interior
ē Monitor heat and other settings with digital display
Price £89.99
inc. VAT 20.00% (£15.00)
Samsung SAGE76V-BBH Grill Microwave

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