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Grado SR60i Headphones

£105.00 inc. VAT 20.00% (£17.50)

Free Delivery. Free Griffin Smarttalk. Long the flagship headphone to beat, stiff competition has recently put the SR60i back into a fairly tight race for “Best Sounding Inexpensive Headphones.” These will deliver a liquid-sounding midrange, very present detail resolution in the upper mids/highs, and a focused, solid bass response.
This is actually a really enjoyable headphone that almost every listener could appreciate and the price sure is right; In fact, for many folks it could be the best-sounding headphone they’ve ever put their ears around! Like all Grado headphones, the SR-60i is a fully 'open' earcup design. The Grado SR-60i has a very flexible vinyl headband with metal height adjusters that connect the earpieces to the headband, thus allowing for up-&-down adjustment plus complete 360 degree earpiece rotation. This feature is ideal for laying the headphones down flat —- perfect for packing them in a suitcase. The SR-60i are very efficient & well-driven by the amp stage of most portable players or even inexpensive home equipment. A dedicated headphone amp of any sort will help improve the overall control and detail of the highs, add some heft and authority to the bottom-end, and will also provide a slightly deeper, more expansive dimension to the SR-60i's soundstage image. The straight-type headphone connection cable measures roughly 7.5ft from the earcups to the plug tip and is attached to both earcups in a "Y" design. It comes terminated to a 1/8" (3.5mm) mini-plug and a screw-on full-size 1/4" adapter plug handily comes provided on the SR-60 cord.
Price £105.00
inc. VAT 20.00% (£17.50)
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Grado SR60i Headphones

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